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Learning agreement

There are many interesting courses to take at this University. Among a list of over 50 subjects and courses added to that I´ve decided to take…

  • Public Speaking
  • Organizational Communication
  • Group Communication
  • Leadership Perspectives
  • Managing Human Resources
  • Leadership Skills

I think this will fit me 🙂


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Found a nice clip about Knoxville 🙂

Other sites if you have the interest:

Tennessee State University
Knoxville Tourism

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Knoxville it is!!

Just got the announcement that I got into Knoxville and the University of Tennessee!! Wohoo, really like it! 😉 A little statistics about the place:

Population: 185.000
Students: 27.000
Temperature: From -1 to 31 degrees.
Known celebrity: Johnny Knoxville
Location: Southeast

Who want´s to visit me? 😛

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I get so excited when thinking about the year up ahead so I´ve picked out a few landmarks that I would like to visit. There´s no special order.

Golden Gate, San Fransisco

X-Games, Los Angeles

Niagara Falls, Ontario

Statue Of Liberty, New York

Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

Las Vegas, Nevada

Times Square, New York

PS. My blog will almost only consist of pictures!!

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