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I will join Florian & Johanna on the trip! 😀

30/7 Flight to NYC. Get the ”whooow-feeling” and explore the city.
31/7 NYC, taking a lot of photos and enjoy the scenery.
1/8 A little more NYC exploring
2/8 Rent a car and spend the day on Six Flags in New Jersey, fuck yeah!!
3/8 Philadelphia all day, sweet 🙂
4/8 Washington DC, first nightlife.
5/8 More of DC with or without hangover?
6/8 DC again. Maybe visit and talk to Obama in the white house?
7/8 Random location along the way.
8/8 In Raleigh, dropping off Johanna at her university.
9/8 As Florian wrote: ”Two lonely guys leaving to Knoxville, TN”.

A few hundered dollars on this trip but totally worth it. I see this as a really good start before school. Get to know hopefully new good friends, start speaking english and get to know the culture.

Lets go to Philly.. right Jazz!? – Uh, what?

Six Flags – Great Adventures, New Jersey

Booked my flight a few minutes ago!!


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Inofficial state song

I´ve met a really decent guy from Austria named Florian through Facebook who´s about to go to the same university as I am. We have talked a bit about to meet up in NYC and from there go on a roadtrip down to Knoxville (about 9 hours) for a couple of days. On the way we will pass Philadelphia, Washington and many other cool cities. It would be a great start to also get to know one another before you actually arrive in school. Tomorrow is the decision-day when he´s going to talk to a friend of him weather I can join them or not. I deeply hope so!! 😀 Possible roadtrip:

…and I just got the state song from him! Exactly the Tennessee feeling I´ve imagined! ”Good old Rocky top.. lala lala!” 😛 Lovely!

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The Campus

I´ll live together with three other students. Two of them are American students and the third just like me, an exchange student :). The Residence Halls have more than 6.500 students so I wont be alone the upcoming year! It says that the college spirit is almost exactly as the one that you have seen in movies which makes me happy! My flat:

Next ”to do” thing: Book my flight to the Empire state of mind 😀

Nervous-meter is not that high yet. Maybe 2/10!

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