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First day in New York

My first step in America at Newark airport!

Firs busticket. 15$ and it took 1 hour! Massive traffic.

Through the tunnel.

The streets are more than 5km long, all of them!

On the subway to Borough Hall, Brooklyn. Asked a black man who was nodding his head to Hip Hop music. I asked him if I could listen and he said yes. It was Biggie Smalls. Love that music 🙂

When I got up from the subway.

Our current location! It´s really nice!!

Me, Florian and Johanna from Austria 🙂

View over Manhattan!


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I concider buying a lot of new clothes during my time 🙂

Easier to identify my cases 😀

Happy Swedish guy before his journey! This is the way my blog will look like. A lot of pictures with a few scentences under each. Hope you´ll like it!!

Ps. Don´t mind the fish 😛 It´s my moms 😀

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Hicks Street, Brooklyn Heights. 6 days to go now!
Nervousmeter is still not that high ;O huuum..

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19 days left…

Sooo close now.. Nervous-meter: 4/10. The few things left to do is:

– Meeting with the American Embassy
– Fill in Health papers
– Navigate and become friend with the UT homepage 😛
– Pack my things

Just a small sample of all my paperwork that i started with for over 10 months ago!! I kinda deserve to have a good time now 😀

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