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In Swedish

Okej, hade nyss en lektion i Leadership Skills och vi hade en ovning. Tar detta pa svenska sa att amerikanerna slipper att skammas..

Alla fick ett papper fran lararen upp och ner vant. Var uppgift var att skriva enbart ord som inneholl 5 bokstaver och vi hade 5 minuter pa oss. Vi vande pappret samtidigt och pa min stod det: ”skriv 75 ord”. Jag tankte, oh shit hur ska jag kunna ens prestera nagorlunda nar alla andra i klassen ar amerikaner med 10ggr mer ord i sitt sprak. Jag fick ihop 28 vilket kandes ratt kasst da jag stakade mig ett flertal ggr. Det visade sig att av 31 i klassen sa var jag  5e basta. Det fanns olika lappar ”skriv 30 ord, skriv 100 ord etc” men det handlade fortfarande om att skriva ner sa manga man kunde.

… det tyckte jag var lite skrammande! 🙂


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Tennessee Vols – UT Martin, Saturday! Fuck yeah! 😀

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Rate my professor.com

Random comment about my current professor below!

”He was a cheese ball. Plain and simple. Take another professor for this course if you can, his mandatory attendance is rough, and he doesn’t realize he is teaching seniors about to graduate”

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Pimp my ride!

My new ride! Got it for 40 bucks! Thats like NOTHING! 🙂

Max is a little bit too tall for this one 🙂

Perfect match, lowrider! Thats how we get down! 🙂

Spent the weekend in this cabin in Smokey mountains!

It could hold up to 40 people, played pool and had a good time!

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Racquet Ball, almost like Squash. Good workout!!

Quintin beats Walter pretty easy 15-2 🙂

T-Rec. A very new facility with good machines!

Me and my homies doi´n some weights! 🙂

Indoor running track. 1 lap = 200m.

Golf simulator for free 🙂 Quite realistic actually!

A very big indoor basketball court!

American football rookies trying to make it to the top 🙂

Ran in to 3 good friends on the way home 🙂

Beach Volley! (my apartment in the background).

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College Soccer

Yeah, that´s right! I have to maintain my skills!! 🙂

Before: Me in action in Swedish Triangelns IK!

Now: A new experience and a good way to meet new friends!

It will cost about $200 for a whole year, and that includes trips to other colleges (Georgia, Kentucky and North Carolina) that we´re going to play against. Practice will be Monday, Wednesday and Fridays at 5-7pm. Feels great!!

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My way home from class

Filmed with my phone that I forgot in the freezer.. it works!! Hope you can stand the quality and get the picture of a lot of students. I know, I´m talking about it all the time but maaaaan..! 🙂 At 0.45, yes a guy besides me calls the UT Police ”asshole” and 2 seconds later I agree 🙂 haha!

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