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I love my school!

I had no idea what the word ”intramural” meant when I arrived here and people started to talk about it, but no I´m a part of it! The university arrange intramural tournaments in all different kinds of sports for the students.

You sign up online for free in which ever sport you like and want to try out. My first one this fall is racquetball. Tactical game with a bouncing ball. So far 12 players registered. My name is ”The Swedish meatball” 🙂

Example of other sports:
– Dodgeball
– 3 on 3 basketball
– Sand volleyball
– Bowling

The other one is table tennis. A wonderful sport that I´ve been pretty good at, but it has been over five years since I played. Have to practice a bit before I play my first game 🙂 I´m amazed by how much this school really want their students to have a good time. Life seems to be too short to not have a good time. That´s the UT spirit we like!


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Driving through Atlanta, Georgia.

Just got in to Florida. Palm trees and 25 degrees celsius around 10 in the evening.

Hotel entrance, made me wanna listen to blues 😛

Universal globe over there!! 🙂

Happy students in a yellow boat 🙂

Amazing world of Harry Potter!

Feeling greeeat!! Surfi´n USA!!!!

Hollywood? Orlando?

One of the coolest rides in my life! Virtual tour of the Simpsons family with moving chairs, smells, water in your face and so on!

Aaaaaaaaahhh!! The JAWS-ride was a baaad memory 🙂

I waited for 30 minutes but no one could drive me home to Sweden 😦

Guess the sign is telling the truth! 😀

The walk into the movie theme park. Can you see the skyscrapers in the background far away? They looked so real but it was only a big wall 🙂

If you are in a flow you can make 3 shots in a row and win this!

Super-woman!! yeeeey! 😀

Extremely nice construction model of Harrys school!

Almost inside Jurassic Park! 🙂

One of maaany places to eat. Innovative sign, liked it 🙂

More friends 🙂 Christoph (GER), Becki (ENG), NATALIE (GER), Sullivan (FRA) and Gerrit (GER).

They went to Daytona Beach on the way home! Looked sweet 🙂

This was so good! Some sort of soda topped with whipped butter cream. First and maybe last time if I don´t try to mix something up in my y own kitchen 😀 I might do that!

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Weather and the pornking!

The weather right now in my hometown, Sweden. I feel just a little sorry for you mum.. remember to bring the umbrella and a warm coat 🙂

Knoxville, almost October month. People (including me) are still walking around in shorts and T-shirt. This is definitely the longest summer of my life and I sort of like it.. a lot!! 😀 Anyhow, in the middle of the summer I really prefer Sweden since the humidity is waaay worse here!

The one and only Ron Jeremy is coming to Knoxville and our school tomorrow night! He has been participating in over 1750 movies and have had sex with more than 4000 women which puts his name in to the Guiness World Record book! (wikipedia). He´s here to discuss and debate about.. yeah exactly: PORN! This I have to see with my own eyes 🙂

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My upcoming weekend

Tomorrow morning, 12 exchange students start their looong drive south (as if we would drive from Stockholm to Luleå and back!). Universal Studios is on the agenda. We´ll drive the whole Friday and Sunday since it´s around 11 hours one way. I hope and think Saturday is going to be really good. Americans I´ve talked to have had a good experience so I guess the camera is compulsory! 🙂

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My buddy Andy!

Sorry, uploaded the best of them all Andy.. 🙂

I got an email from him after I joined the ”buddy program” at the university before my flight here which explains who he is:

”Hi Johan! I am your American buddy.  A little about myself:  My name is Andy, and I am 22 years old.  I am from Atlanta, Georgia but go to the University of Tennessee in Knoxville where I am in my 5th (and last!) year of architecture school.  I enjoy movies, music, hanging out with friends, parties, sports, etc. Also, I just studied abroad last semester in Copenhagen, and I loved Scandinavia!  I went to Malmö once and it was awesome. I didn’t have a buddy when I went there, but wish I did, so I hope I can help you adjust easily to the US”.

This is better!

I can tell you, he has been there for me when I have needed things! Today for example, he drove me to the airport to buy tickets for Christmas and this weekend he actually asked me if I was interested of celebrating thanksgiving in Georgia with his family. Hope he will be a buddy for a very long time ahead 🙂

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Only in America?

The upside down hotel close to Knoxville! Love it!!

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New York 20-26 dec!! Around 15° celsius.

San Fransisco/West Coast 26-4th dec/jan.

New Years eve in Los Angeles! Around 16° celsius.

Miami 5-10 jan! Around 23° celsius.

Everything is booked, which feels extremely good! 🙂 Over 12 bookings comparing prices back and forth with different companies. Anyone else who would like to fly over the Atlantic Ocean and visit me during my year? 🙂

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