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Budweiser, the one thing to bring to the party 🙂

Many different outfits 🙂

Poseidon and Kitty Cat!

The Nerd, Dr. Shots and Dr. Reinhard!

Another Doctor, the real scary one! Martaijn (HOL).

And later.. THIS! 😀

The police came and ruined the party after a while. This police though, I wasn´t afraid of! 🙂

BOOM! Suddenly no one there :O

Went back home and found a few ”homies” on the way!


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Want my signature?

Last night I went to the Regal Soccer stadium (capacity 3000) and watched another game of Lady Vols. When I got in they gave me this! I just laughed for myself 30 minutes or more since this is so professionally done and they are college students (around 19-21 years), and not even payed players! Looks like trading cards when you were a kid 🙂

If you flip it over, every played has their own personal data. Some players even have ”She played 1368 minutes last year and scored 2 goals with her left foot”. I mean… hello, I want to play here too! After the game when we sat in the bus on our way home, we could see the audience begging to get their signatures 🙂 haha, only in America!?

Here, a southern Redneck, explaining why soccer is´nt a sport. ”God gave us arms to use” and ”Soccer is agains God” 🙂 haha! 🙂

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If you have been following my blog you might remember this guy (video) who came to our school in the beginning of the semester? Matisyahu and his video – One Day.

Allright you got me, it´s me and my new Halloween costume in the video but I´ll be covering the white wrap (new word learned) in blood and my face a bit too so I might be a little bit scary!

Hopefully a both SPECTACULAR and LEGENDARY saturday!! 😀

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Click to enlarge! Back in Sweden, it´s extremely common to skip a few classes. It´s optional to go and sometimes friends of mine skipped maybe 2-3 every week. I got this note from one of my class and my absence happened when i overslept (started 8.10am and I got there 8.45). That resulted in a skip! In another class, if you skip more than 2 classes, your grade will drop one letter. A to B or VG to G (sweden) 😛

To prevent myself from oversleeping; I might have to drink this ”amazing-super-good energy drink” before bedtime which I got a few weeks ago..? It actually MAY, remember that; MAY make me more motivated, feel more happy and intelligent 😛

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Deportivo Turku

We have a team in the Intramural Soccer (Deportivo Turku). Our first game is this Tuesday. 20×2 minutes/game and we are going for gold of course 🙂 More team photos coming up after the game! This week is a study and workout week. Halloween party next weekend.. in America.. I´m excited! 🙂

Love me or hate me, this is the Swede on campus 🙂 This picture can represent a few of the feelings I have during my stay. Well, actually 80% of the bottom left 🙂 So far so good!


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The time has come..

…to beat Alabama! Kick off 7pm 🙂

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Haslam business building

Welcome to my building 🙂 I have 3/4 classes here in room 305!

From the outside. During Tuesdays and Thursdays I ride my bike downhill to the right even further to my acting class.

Very modern university 🙂

Havn´t had anything here yet actually since they only have coffee to drink. I want my chocolate instead of coffee so I have to go to Starbucks in the library. Might do that tomorrow since I always have Fridays off! 🙂

Monitors outside every classroom so you know when it starts!

Backyard! Lovely spot in the October summer 🙂

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