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Defeated after 4 games!

After Barcelona easily won Real Madrid 5-0 today, we thought we could do the same thing. The result when the terrible referee blew his whistle it was more the other way. Still we were a happy team and Deportivo Turku will always be in my heart 🙂

The league table after our group play showed that we were the best team which we absolutely were but the quarter final was not our game unfortunately. I ended up scoring two goals, managed to do some sort of own goal in one game, got mad at my own team player and ran exactly 23 miles! 🙂


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This is what I´m trying to resist every single day at campus…

…it´s not easy but I haven’t gained a single pound 🙂

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One of the first coca cola machines. Cool design!

Inside the factory!

We had the chance to taste over 60 different beverages!

First sample of the christmas-coke! Lovely 🙂

Produces over 2200 bottles/minute!

Arriving to the farm with Andy 🙂

A real american farm! Never seen anything like this 🙂

Eminem: I´m living in a trailer with my mom!!

Why not have a look at the campers!!

Horses and the little kid Trent who got the chance to sit on the horse.

Sister and brother. Andy and his sister Laura!

Lulu the dog liked me a lot 😀 haha!

Mr Guitar in the south 🙂

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Georgia & Aquarium

At the moment I´m staying in Andy´s dads amazingly big house in Athena, Georgia. We are heading back tomorrow!

Met Andy´s dad the first night on his birthday!

Found a flipper game downstairs. High score is mine now 🙂

Went to the Aquarium. The ”touch pool” where i touched a baby shark!

No idea about the name for this thing 🙂 Swedish: Manet

What life is this, just have a look! I hope they have a memory less than 0,5 seconds since they seem to be curious about going up and down all the time. My word for it: ”The fish-worm”.

Biggest shark in the world: Whale shark. No meat for this fella.. just plankton even though he could swallow Andy in one bite! 🙂

Number 1 weirdest creature. He had a prop around his neck and in his ass! Was only going up and down all the time. I mean: WHAT!?

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Dead Horse Lake

The young man from Finland approaches the ball, shoots it with a gentle touch, doing three birdies to win the Knoxville UTK-PGA tour game!

The holes were measured in yards of course. 1 yard is about 1 meter.

Tut tut!! First time to drive this kind of machine. Lazy but relaxing, just the way I like it! I got 115 on 18 holes. Pretty happy with that 🙂

Going for the water… actually he hit the green ;O

Together with Max, his dad and Marie. Very good day!!

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Boston, here I come!

Christmas just got even better the days before I meet up with Malin in New York! between december 11-19, I will go on a roadtrip with Reinhard (AUS), James (ENG), Quentin (FRA) and Aljehandro (SPA) to Boston, Massachusetts!

We will probably drive even more north a few days to explore what it´s like up there. Winter jacket, where are you? Better buy one!

A picture of Boston. I have heard that it´s inspired by London. It was actually founded by people from England. A must is to see is MIT university!

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World cup 1994

My friend from Iran, MRiza Ghanbari was talking about the Swedish team during our way to the pre party on Halloween. He knew more than me and it is always fun to talk to him about his home country when we meet! Have a nice weekend you all!!

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