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AH – Andy Holt

Let me introduce the building where I live a bit more 🙂

The main office where you always can find someone who can hopefully help you. They inform about things just like here; Casino Night that I might go to!

Our own little shop with the most necessary things you want to buy.

Right next to the shop; My mailbox. Kinda empty you guys back home! 😦

Tv-room where I spent some time last semester but not any more.

A place on 2nd floor where I´ve spent a good amount of dollars ;O

My floor. My room 2nd door on the right down there! 🙂

Talking about the building; A Swedish band that I love!!


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My visitation stats

Black dots; States I´ve been to.
Red dots; States I will go to.

Most beautiful city; San Fransisco
Best transportation; By car
Scariest place; Slum areas in Chicago
Very good food; Nowhere
Most things to see; New York
Most european city; Boston
Coolest scenery; Utah (before even going there).
Warmest place; Knoxville (august)
Best beaches; Miami
The disappointment; Washington DC
Least money spent; Las Vegas (haha!)

This will be about all the states I´ll have visit during my months here. It really feels like I have covered a lot. I´m very pleased with my traveling so far and next up is a mountain bike trip!

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About 10 people in my class are farmers and they have the strong Tennessee accent. They seem really down to earth just like the dirt they are digging! This guy is married, has his own farm and can´t see himself anywhere else 🙂 Also, God is a big part for more than half of the class and he has helped them to be where they are in life.

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A day to remember

Nashville by night! Stephan (HOL), Elvis (USA) and Sarah (CAN).

A lot of Swedish players on the ice!

One of the superstars.. to the right in black! 🙂

Nasville crowd is wild, and I got a pretty good seat here 😉

Swedish Henrik Sedins Vancover lost 1-3 in Nashville!

Eight souls made it to the game! Good times!

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Baseball T

My thought on baseball isn´t high at all but it´s a thing to experience of course! I´ve been to NHL, NBA, NFL and now (almost) MBL which is Major League Baseball. This is college though.. but hey.. let the season begin!! Go Tennessee!! 😉

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Professional bull riders

Yehaaaaaa, I´m a cowboy!! Fans outside the arena.

Pretty packed with the real southern people 🙂 Over 30 cowboys performed but no one was able to stay on for more than 10 seconds.

One of the better bull riders right here 🙂 The judges look at the time they can stay on and technique they are using.

A fun experience and I can tell you that I would never try this like they did. I´m fine with the non-bull rodeo 🙂

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The next country band?

Roommate quality time just like every other day 🙂

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