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Tappar ord..

Det har slagit mig flera gånger men det är lätt att glömma vad ord heter på svenska. Här pluggade jag till en tenta och jag vet ju vad ”supportiv” betyder men det är väl kanske inte helt korrekt. Det händer när jag pratar svenska också..


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It´s not the lady I´m talking about. It´s these things they give us in the cafeteria around twice a week. I feel like it´s something I have to try and it looks pretty good too.

I love you and I hate you guys. These fellas are very easy to slip into my pocket every now and then. They are deeelicious! Quentin (FRA) has 15 every day.. every day!!

And this on the 2nd floor is easy and accessible to go to. What I´m trying to say or warn you about is that this country/this state has many good deserts and treats. Think about choosing a school where you can work out if you decide to go here.

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What do you think? I could be the next rodeo champion!?

Who is going to win this race, check it out!

Here is the result.. R.I.P, see you another time maybe..

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I have always been interested in the military so I went to the US Army building here at university to have a quick look!

Posters were hanging in the corridors, reminding the students what they should learn, behave and do if they have to serve their country.

And I will not fail. It´s quite powerful 🙂

I should apply as soon as possible, don´t you think? Gash I look so weird 😀 But I´ll give you that one.

My future Major? Aiit sir, att-eeee-n-tion!! I like America 🙂

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We made it, only 29 hours.. ONE WAY!!

Before that we had a break in colorful Colorado!

Time to gear up and get out in to one of the many trails they had to offer!

I became a lot stronger after a couple of days 🙂

But I was also taking it a bit cool sometimes.. gash what a view huh? I thought Simba and his dad would show up and give me a ride on their back 🙂

We were all happy the whole time! Andreas, Devin, Kristine, Travis, Matthew, Kevin, Alix, Robert and Hense. 8 Americans and two internationals.

Nine days of camping together with the stars and the moon, lovely! Slept outside the last night without the tent. Cool experience.

Some climbing where Kevin was extremely excited (to the right).

I did some myself, but it was way harder than the things they were dealing with..

A picture says more than a thousand words..right?

New day and out riding again. A total of around 50 miles (80km). The view like always, was breathtaking!!

Real wild wild west trains which I thought was sooo cool!! haha 🙂

Some hiking in between all the rocks.

Delicious home made pizza, right at our camping site.

A hike to the ”Delicate Arch”. Click it and see how tiny the people are..

Perfect combination on the way home. Another 29 hrs which equals a total of 58 hrs, which also equals all the way from Kiruna, Sweden to Athens, Greece!! (5000km).


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See you in 10 days!

Going mountain biking 29 hours away from Knoxville! Camping, campfire, good company and many great trails in the sun! See you! 🙂

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Welcome Korean guy!

No, not me.. I´m just trying his things out 🙂

This is Kim teh Young from Korea, my new roomie 🙂

He can fight you any day 🙂 I have to speak very clearly for him to understand since he is new to the language and studies it.

Google translate come in handy when we talk about things harder to understand than; ”hello”, ”blue book” and ”work out” and so on 🙂

Google maps to locate where he lives 🙂 This will be something new for me and hopefully within a couple of weeks, he can talk a bit more!

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