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Knoxville TORNADO!

Check out this video before you look at the pictures below!! It´s from my bedroom and living room two days ago..


It´s supposed to be another storm coming today, better stay inside 🙂


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Everything that has to do with sport in America is so extremely professional. Everything from people selling hot dogs to entertainment during intermission.

Nothing wrong with the team spirit either. Great supporting players.

Hit and run!! A very warm and nice day around 27 degrees celsius.

I have to be one of them with the power T and the hat 🙂

I got the game ball in my hand! Wohooo, save this for a looong time 🙂

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Started off by visiting Harlem on 147th street 🙂 Gangsta blocks..

Then a little trip with my best friend to Times Square. Always packed!!

Met up with dad and stayed a few blocks away from Empire State Building!

Madison Square Park was great! Good place to chill out and listen to..

THIS!! I should have bought their CD.. I loved these dudes!

Bought a puck in the NHL store for an upcoming idea I have 🙂

They had to see Times Square too of course!! ;O

Spent some time in Brooklyn. A photo attached to the fence that showed where the twin towers used to be. Imagine standing HERE 10 years ago.. ;O

My second Broadway Show; 10/10! Music from Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis and Johnny Cash. The true story behind rock ´n roll.

New York, thank you! I love you and I hate you. Mostly, I love you! 🙂

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Back on Friday!

Going to the big apple AGAIN to meet up with Father and Brother!! 🙂

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Ett helt ”jävla” stop med öl till Barcelona – Real Madrid 🙂 40:- taget!

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A couple of editing hours and here is the result that can both give me a greater memory but also show you more about my trip. I´m very pleased with it 🙂

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Native Americans

Native American culture day two days ago where me and Gerrit went.

A variety of dancers with beautiful colors. But honest to god; I could dance just like they did.. nothing special 🙂

Simple, creative and good music.

The teedy bear I got from my friend Patrik in Sweden! He wanted it to be a part of my experience and then bring it home to his daughter 🙂

Fantastic outfits. New York again in a week with my dad!! 🙂


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